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A call to quality:
The World Beverage Competition invites your brand to participate in “The Largest Beverage Competition in the World!”™

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Accolades from this competition present an incomparable marketing opportunity for beverage brands, as the reputation and prestige of the competition precedes itself the world over. Award winners are not only garnished with medals, they are also praised in consumer and industry publications throughout the world with our media partners and press contacts. Additionally, winning brands are given a license to utilize the World Beverage Competition Annual Award Seal as a part of their marketing for up to three years after being selected to receive an award. 

Thank you for your interest in participating in the competition recognized by astute beverage brand owners the world over; the one and only World Beverage Competition!

Where to Ship Product Samples

Once registration fees are received in full, the appropriate shipping instructions will be provided.

Please do not send to same address as previous years - We have a new system in place, and shipping instructions will vary per region.

Deadlines & Entry Fees

Entries are accepted each year during a 60 day period!
Entry period begins on September 15th.
Entry period ends November 15th.
Delivery of product is required by December 15th.
The Judging begins on December 16th.
The winners are announced to the world press in early January the next year. 

Entry Fees:
Tasting = $250
Packaging = $100

Online Entry

Register and Enter beverages, spirits, wines, or beers

Online Fee Payments

You can pay your fees during the online entry process

If you entered using a paper form, you may still pay online here.

Official Rules

        Click here for Competition Rules

Customs Form

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Tasting Panel

The World Beverage Competition was founded on the premise that beverage products should be judged not by the strength of their marketing or the budget of their sales force, but rather on the quality and innovation of the product itself. Beverage brand owners spanning the globe are given the chance to compete on an even playing field;

All products submitted to the World Beverage Competition are taste tested by a panel of judges who…

…are industry professionals from 6 different continents; not celebrities, beverage retailers or public figures. 

…are not announced to the public, as this leads to undue influence from brand owners.

…do not see the packaging or know the brand name prior to documenting and submitting their tasting scorecards. 

Behind closed doors, in a tasting room closed to brand participants and the public, this “double blind” taste test method is one that is most effective in providing honest opinions from the panel. With these safeguards in place, the World Beverage Competition is accredited as the premier tasting event in the world of beverages.

Offline Entry

We discourage offline entry, due to inherent delays.