The World’s Largest Beverage Competition™ has begun (2015-2016)

September 15, 2015 – Genève, Switzerland
The World Beverage Competition (WBC) and related competitions World Wine Competition, World Spirits Competition, World Beer Competition, known as “The World’s Largest Beverage Competition” TM have begun to accept applications for participation in the 2015-2016 competition. The competition organizers expect a large and diverse participant base this year, as last years entries exceeded 10,000 brands, with this year expected to be much the same; especially with the additional categories added last year to increase participation and broaden the reach of the competition.
Small and mid-sized beverage brands compete in a fair and honorable double-blind taste test alongside major beverage conglomerates such as Dannon®, Bacardi®, Pepsico®, Liquor Group®, E&J Gallo® and Diageo® for the honor of being adorned with awards from the World Beverage Competition in categories including Dairy, Energy Drinks, Water, Soda, Sports Drinks, Dietary Beverages, Powdered Drink Mixes, Juices, Coffee, Tea, Wine, Spirits, Liqueurs, Ciders & Beer.
International Media partners are being selected to offer in-depth coverage of the event, as well as publicity for the competition winners. The familiar stringent judging regimen and the global brand participation assure a year of excitement for award winning participants!
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